Meet a Local Business

JAB Fine Art + Design LLC

What makes your products or services unique? What will people get from your business that they won’t get elsewhere?

I make fine art that is not only durable, but can be customized to fit in virtually any space. The driving force behind my art practice is that art should be everywhere, so I fabricate work locally from materials that can exist in residences, public realms and the built environment.

What’s the best way that interested customers can connect with you or find more information?

Please visit my website at!

What inspires your work?

I feel that Public Art and art in public places are especially important now. Visual art is a way of communicating that is not limited by language or cultural barriers. Infusing beauty and meaning into structures like bus stops and benches that we all pass by every day offers a unique opportunity for shared experiences even as we live our separate lives. I want to contribute art that fits naturally into daily life and I believe that fine art can inspire functional design!

How can people best support you or your community as we recover from the pandemic?

Think of places in your community that need some love (it can be as simple as a concrete space that really needs a screen for shade) and tell your local leadership that you want to see art there!