Meet a Local Business


What makes your products or services unique? What will people get from your business that they won’t get elsewhere?

We are an association of craftsmen that provide outstanding design & build work in the areas of metal, glass, ceramic, and wood crafting. For architects, developers, and homeowners. Our skills and shops allow for exceptional work for your design project; business space, storefront, bar, restaurant, and home. We are proud to deliver unexpected quality, while our overhead is low and we can offer very competitive pricing.

What’s the best way that interested customers can connect with you or find more information?

Check out our page at for our forging and welding examples. Our ceramic project examples are shown on

What inspires your work?

We care about hand crafting processes and manufacturing techniques. Transforming raw and reclaimed materials into products with utility, durability, with a design approach. We hope to provide an added value to things, art, and experiences – that people invest into. We are ECHT, here to craft. We build things we’re proud to say we’ve built. We like how we make it. A lot. So, we build towards the future.

How can people best support you or your community as we recover from the pandemic?

Check out our location in Mount-Oliver and be inspired by the spirit and our work examples.

Are there any unique events, initiatives, sales, or opportunities at your store or community that people should be aware of?

September this year we will open our coffee shop, bistro, and tasting room with micro-distillery. That are thought to make a visit to our shops attractive on a culinary level as well, offering experiences on several areas. Info on the design approach of the spaces are available at and

Please provide any other information you want to share that these questions did not cover!

Location and contact info is given on our general page, that gives access to all above-mentioned subpages: