Meet a Local Business

Allegheny County Economic Development

Tell us about your business. What services or products do you offer, where are you located, etc.?

We provide financing and technical assistance for small businesses operating in Allegheny County.

How does your business support local communities?

ACED’s Business Development Division supports County entrepreneurs through our financing and technical assistance programs, among the other services we provide. While any business is invited to learn more or take part, our work seeks to increase economic and community development opportunities for low-income communities and the businesses that operate within them. 

How does the Choose Local campaign fall in line with your business’ mission or values?

Choose Local directly aligns with ACED’s mission of coordinating success within our region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

What inspires your work?

We’re inspired by the behind the scenes work that goes into running a small business.

What is the best way for consumers to connect with your business and your services or initiatives?