Meet a Local Business

Otto Finn

What makes your products or services unique? What will people get from your business that they won’t get elsewhere?

Otto Finn is a sustainable fashion company that believes in minimum waste, maximum comfort and authenticity. We want you to be able to express your true self in our clothes. We are known for our kimono inspired jackets made from vintage quilts, Indian kanthas and blankets. They are all one of a kind.

You can participate and get your own one of a kind jacket by following our FIND YOUR MATCH monthly newsletter releases. If a blanket is ordered to be made into a FYM jacket, they are made to your size and length (our offerings span 7 generous unisex sizes and 4 lengths).

We also offer BRING YOUR OWN where you can bring a blanket that holds significance to you (or not) that is ready for a new life as a jacket.

What’s the best way that interested customers can connect with you or find more information?

Email us at!

Follow us on Instagram @ottofinn.

Or check out our site at!

What inspires your work?

What originally inspired this work was my job photographing all the Japanese woodblock prints and Indian paintings for the Asian Art Department at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. I knew that looking at all those images would have an effect on me as an artist and I love what it’s manifested into.

How can people best support you or your community as we recover from the pandemic?

It’s actually really easy for you to support us. One or all of the following goes a long way for you to participate in our growth. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter, follow us on IG @ottofinn and by sharing our work with friends. We can be found at our bi-weekly Lawrenceville Pop Ups outside of Radiant Hall Lawrenceville. (schedule on IG. 4514 Plummer St.)

During the fall of 2020, we started the Lawrenceville Pop Up Markets in order to support our fellow makers and connect with our audiences in person. We wanted to provide a safe outdoor opportunity outside of our Radiant Hall Lawrenceville location during the pandemic. Now we co-run the market with artist Kirsten Lowe-Rebel, Radiant Hall, Ice House and Attack Theatre and have 4 locations throughout Lawrenceville. Community building is a big part of our ethos.

IG @lvpopupmarket

Are there any unique events, initiatives, sales, or opportunities at your store or community that people should be aware of?

If you are interested in our monthly Find Your Match releases, sign up for our newsletter on We’d love to share what we’re up to with you on IG @ottofinn.

We are planning to have a street fashion photoshoot with jewelry designer Maia Leppo outside of Argyle Pop Up in Oakland on June 22. Do you want to participate? Details will be posted on IG @ottofinn next week. We’ll be looking for friendly, camera ready folks to wear our jackets, jewelry. We will make a portrait of you or you & your friends/ pets/ bike/ props.