Meet a Local Business

MSA Safety

Tell us about your business. What services or products do you offer, where are you located, etc.?

Since our founding in 1914, MSA has donated thousands of products to disaster relief efforts and millions of dollars to many worthwhile organizations. Today, MSA products are either saving or helping to protect lives in more than 140 countries.

How does your business support local communities?

MSA is a company solely dedicated to helping protect the world’s workers. MSA is known for supporting the communities in which we live and work. Our products are relied upon by millions of workers every day. We are proud of this heritage, and we are proud of the lasting impact we make each day for our customers, our people, our communities, and our environment.

How does the Choose Local campaign fall in line with your business’ mission or values?

MSA is committed to making a measurable difference in our world today, so that men and women may work in safety and that they, their families, and their communities may live in health throughout the world. 

What is the best way for consumers to connect with your business and your services or initiatives?