Help Local Shops Thrive

Commit to Shop Local

This region doesn’t just survive in adversity—we thrive. To choose local is to keep our dollars local. We built the nation’s steel industry, and when the industry declined, we built a new economy in its place. Whatever the world throws at us, it only makes us stronger. And in the face of our current challenge, buying locally is a powerful tool for keeping our communities strong and resilient. 

When you Commit to Choose Local you:

  • keep more of your hard-earned dollars circulating here among our friends and neighbors.
  • help your friends and neighbors remain employed.
  • open the door for small business growth.
  • see purposeful quality and craftsmanship come to life.
  • support your community and local makers.
  • connect with members of your community.
  • educate your friends and family about the effects choosing local businesses has on our economy.
  • contribute to the social fabric of your community.

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We make it easy for you to shop local.

The local business directory is updated through lists shared by partners in the seven participating counties, and is growing by the day.

If you’re not seeing a local business near you, we encourage you to use the search engine of your choice to find one.

A business can request to be added to the directory at anytime using the link below the map.