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With the wide variety of stores in our region and many online shopping options, it’s more convenient than ever to support our local retailers and restaurants.

Commit to do half of your holiday shopping locally!

Choosing local keeps your dollars local which supports your neighbors and invests in your community.

There are so many benefits to buying your gifts locally.

Local merchants know their inventories and specialties and can make a personalized recommendation, so you find the perfect gift.

When you’re not shopping at the same national stores as everyone else, you don’t have to worry that someone else got them the same thing.

If you order online from a local merchant, you don’t need to worry about shipping delays because your order isn’t going far! 

Choose local for holiday entertaining, purchasing gifts, decorating, or making tasty treats. Your local shops have you covered!

  • Use a local print shop for your holiday cards
  • Serve up microbrews and locally distilled spirits at your New Year’s party.
  • Make your family favorites with local ingredients.
  • Go to your local florist for your decorations.
  • Get your favorite treats from a neighborhood bakery or candy store.
  • Get catering or take out from a mom and pop restaurant.

Ways You Can

Make your commitment to buy 50% of your holiday shopping locally this year.

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