When you choose local you are reinvesting your dollars back into your community and you are helping a business owner keep their doors open. However, your investment often goes beyond just supporting a single business. A number of local businesses have partnerships and programs to make sure that as their business grows, they too are reinvesting in their community to give others opportunities for growth as well.


Not only is Knotzland one of the most dapper companies in Pittsburgh, but they are making sure to make an impact in every step of their process. They source their fabric from discarded textiles, ensuring that those fabrics can be seen, worn, and loved rather than wasting away in a landfill. Then, their gorgeous creations are produced by the local sewists that they have trained in this very marketable skill.

They offer training and flexible working opportunities to mothers, grandmothers, students, and other members of our community who make an average of $54 an hour. Having a source of income that can be done from home is a win-win opportunity for so many. They are able to take care of their family’s needs without the worry of being away from home. 

Meshwork Press

The beautiful screen prints of Meshwork Press are a wonderful way to decorate your home or gift to a loved one. They host high school students from the Wilkinsburg and Braddock Youth Projects throughout the year in a “Learn-and-Earn” program where they work on community print & design projects as well as their individual artworks. These students get to stretch their creative design muscles, learn job skills, and entrepreneurship as their designs are turned into sellable wares.


SewForward is a career development program of East End Cooperative Ministry that provides training and jobs for people with employment barriers. Their studio not only provides jobs but it is a local, small batch manufacturer for many businesses which allows them to support and sustain their local communities, while saving them time and money on shipping. Local makers like Hannatopia and Otto Finn can focus on their designs and growing their businesses without having to hire in house or spend their time doing it themselves. 

Spending your dollars locally is a powerful tool for keeping our communities strong and resilient. Check out the Choose Local Business Directory to find your new favorite local spot.