Pittsburgh’s strength has always come from the myriad cultures that built and keep our region strong. Supporting local businesses  like these is a delicious way to strengthen our communities. 

Royal Myanmar | West View

Delight in a menu filled with new flavors and old favorites, from pickled tea leaf salad to kim chi kyee gae soup with pork and kim chi,  Royal Myanmar has been a West View staple since 2014, serving up sushi, curries, and traditional Burmese dishes.

Lily’s at River Forest | Freeport

While only open seasonally at the River Forest Country Club, make sure to call Lily’s for your special event. Your party or meeting will be a hit with the amazing flavors and gorgeous views.

MexiSoul | Monaca

MexiSoul serves up Mexican and soul food fusion that is sure to warm your hearts and your tastebuds. Try their combo of the week or have them cater your next event. 

Al ’an Rubens | Washington

Award winning chef Al Collins creates delicious Italian favorites. Enjoy his creativity and skill and don’t forget to top your meal with a slice of amazing homemade cheesecake.

Yummyholic | Online

Food Network “Christmas Cookie Challenge” alum Jasmine Cho will whip up personalized and yummy cookies and treats for any event you have.  

BlackBridge Coffee Roasters | Online

Mr. & Mrs. Roberts hand roast their responsibly and sustainably sourced beans to order and delivered to your door. Wake up with their unique flavors and 100% natural coffee.

Wild Rise Bakery | Online

Start or end your day with breads and baked goods from Wild Rise Bakery. Oliver Pinder started this gluten-free bakery with commitment to using gluten-free grains and wild or bakers yeasts. Without gluten, nothing feels left out of these delectable treats. 

Spending your dollars locally is a powerful tool for keeping our communities strong and resilient.

Check out the Choose Local Business Directory to find your new favorite local spot.