Meet a Local Business

Evoqua Water Technologies

Tell us about your business. What services or products do you offer, where are you located, etc.?

Evoqua Water Technologies is a leading provider of mission critical water and wastewater treatment solutions, offering a broad portfolio of products, services, and expertise to support industrial, municipal and recreational customers who value water. Evoqua has worked to protect water, the environment, and its employees for more than 100 years, earning a reputation for quality, safety, and reliability around the world. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the company operates in more than 160 locations across ten countries. Serving more than 38,000 customers and 200,000 installations worldwide, our employees are united by a common purpose: Transforming Water. Enriching Life®.

    How does your business support local communities?

    We support local communities and businesses in their efforts to provide safe and clean water when and where they need it most. We support a variety of local organizations through donations and volunteering. We are proud sponsors of Sustainable Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Penguins, Steelers, and local charities such as the Mel Blount Youth Home.

      How does the Choose Local campaign fall in line with your business’ mission or values?

      One of our core values as a company is Sustainable. Supporting our local HQ community aligns with this value and our purpose: Transforming Water. Enriching Life®.

      What inspires your work?

      We are inspired by our opportunity to transform how the world treats water. At Evoqua, we transform approximately 100 billion gallons of water every day for our customers, making water treatment more environmentally and socially sustainable for current and future generations.

      What is the best way for consumers to connect with your business and your services or initiatives?

      Customers can explore what we do and reach out via our website:

      Please provide any other information you want to share that these questions did not cover!

      We are hiring! Make a Global Impact: The future of water is in your hands:!

      Check out our website for more information on our impact on sustainability:!

      You can also learn more about us by checking out this video: Evoqua Water Technologies – Transforming Water. Enriching Life.