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The Woven Kente

What makes your products or services unique? What will people get from your business that they won’t get elsewhere?

The Woven Kente is an online marketplace offering a curated collection of Artisan Goods from communities throughout the African Diaspora. The core of our business ethos is to provide our customers with products that allow for the unapologetic celebration of African diasporic heritage, culture, and history. 

What’s the best way that interested customers can connect with you or find more information?

What inspires your work?

Baiyinah Brookins, is the creative mind behind the Pittsburgh based company, The Woven Kente. She is a self-taught designer and seamstress. She grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where her parents nurtured her creative talents in her early years while also instilling the importance of passion and hard work. As a multifaceted artist Baiyinah wanted her business venture to center other black artists makers and artisans. Established in 2015, The Woven Kente is inspired by the designs, art, and history of the African Diaspora. The Woven Kente centers the beautiful art and handicrafts of the African Diaspora. 

How can people best support you or your community as we recover from the pandemic?

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Are there any unique events, initiatives, sales, or opportunities at your store or community that people should be aware of?

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