Meet a Local Business

IdiaDega, LLC

 What makes your products or services unique? What will people get from your business that they won’t get elsewhere?

IdiaDega is a global eco-design collaboration marrying Indigenous textile arts with contemporary design. We work in partnership with Maasai women artisans and Oneida Native American craftspeople to create sustainable apparel, jewelry and accessories for all. We use material such as recycled/re-use plastic, organic linen, organic cotton, hemp and reuse fabrics. 

What’s the best way that interested customers can connect with you or find more information?, @IdiaDegaFashion on Instagram, and @IdiaDega on Twitter!

What inspires your work?

Nature and everything that lives on our shared planet. We are also interested in centering lives that are often overlooked but vital to our planet. Indigenous communities, marginalized People of the Global Majority, Black and Brown creatives and with TripleAAAnimals our beyond human family in the Pittsburgh region. 

How can people best support you or your community as we recover from the pandemic?

We are still very much in the pandemic especially since we work with communities around the world who do not have easy access to COVID vaccines. The best way to support us is to buy our products and tell others about our work. 

Are there any unique events, initiatives, sales, or opportunities at your store or community that people should be aware of? is having a Summer of Saturday’s pop-up at their Mt. Washington Location at 301 Shiloh Street, that is a great way to celebrate local producers.

We do not have a storefront but we hope to do more activities now that things are re-opening.

We will list activities via our websites and and also on Instagram @IdiaDegaFashion @IdiaDega and