Meet a Local Business

Camp Copeland Studio

What makes your products or services unique? What will people get from your business that they won’t get elsewhere?

Our handcrafted home goods and decor are meant to not only be aesthetically beautiful and functional, but are also designed to last. We design objects to counter the throw away culture of mass produced big box store purchases. We call our work “Art for Everyday Living”, because we strive to enhance our customers’ home environment through well designed decor. We don’t believe that you need things just to have things, but intentionally designed items can make your life better.

What’s the best way that interested customers can connect with you or find more information?

Our website has a lot of great information, as does our Instagram and Facebook accounts. If you have a specific question, please don’t hesitate to email us at We love to chat about design!

What inspires your work?

We are inspired by Japanese minimalism, Mid Century Modernism, and Contemporary Scandinavian design. A major concept behind our work is the Swedish concept of ‘lagom’, which translates to “just enough”. We believe there has to be a balance in one’s home and home decor to help create a balance in one’s life.

How can people best support you or your community as we recover from the pandemic?

Visit our website, sign up for our newsletter, read and share our blog, and follow us on Instagram! We do not hvae a physical storefront, but customers can purchase our full line of handmade products from our website.

Please provide any other information you want to share that these questions did not cover!

Prior to the pandemic we regularly attended craft shows around Pittsburgh, such as Handmade Arcade and I Made It Market, because of love to meet people and talk about our products and design. As more people are getting vaccinated, it seems as though these events are going to be back this fall and winter. We couldn’t be more thrilled and look forward to seeing everyone in person again. If you’d like to know where we’ll be, please sign up for our newletter and follow our Instagram and Facebook accounts!